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The world is finally waking up to the environmental crisis that modern living is creating. In Hong Kong, for example, we produce over 10,000 tonnes of waste daily, more than 20% of which is highly-resilient plastic that will linger in the environment for up to 500 years.

Weave Living has always practiced and promoted sustainability. ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) is woven into every aspect of our business operations. We’re constantly seeking new ways to reduce the environmental impact of our properties – which is why we’ve struck up an exciting new partnership with a champion of sustainable living.

Live more plastic-free with a little help from SLOWOOD

We’re joining hands with zero-waste grocer SLOWOOD to gradually eliminate single-use plastics from our units. This means steadily switching to refillable bath gels, shampoos and even detergents and antibacterial cleaning agents at selected properties – a small but important step forward in sustainable living.

According to Dora Lam, “Practicing sustainability doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort or aesthetics. These refillable SLOWOOD personal care products are stylish and sophisticated.”

Said Jeff Chen, “It’s the little things that bring me joy, such as when I see customers bring their own container to purchase our bulk items.”

These products are also more natural. Guaranteed free of artificial additives and potentially harmful chemicals, they’re better for both you and the environment.

“As parents, we do our best to expose our kids to nature. I hope nature will be a more integral part of my children's everyday life, not something they need to actively seek out,” said Jeff Chen.

Lastly, they’re more responsible. SLOWOOD only works with responsible suppliers where every part of their supply chain has been carefully vetted to ensure it meets international standards for sustainability. They also ensure that suppliers don’t engage in unfair employment practices such as gender inequality, child labour, underpaying workers, and unsafe working conditions.

Said Jeff, “We’ve built relationships with a wide range of suppliers from our travels. Whether they’ve worked in the industry for 30 years or are just starting out in their journey, both parties are making every effort to make a difference. And to me, that’s worth sharing.”

Some of the smart brands we’re working with

The Unscented Company from Canada offers a series of unscented home and body care products designed for eco-conscious living.

They redefine the notion of cleanliness by offering powerful, all-natural products that are fragrance-free. The products are made from plant-based ingredients that are fully biodegradable. The BPA-free bottles are produced from 100% recyclable plastic and all products can be replenished at SLOWOOD Refill Station 

Unscented Company’s dish and hand soaps are available at selected Weave Living properties. 

Carina Organics, another Canadian brand, strives to provide the cleanest, most natural products for your body. Full of medicinal organics, they’re completely free of cortisone, steroids, DEA (diethanolamine), sulfates, salt (sodium chloride), propylene glycol, aluminum, synthetic fragrances, and dyes that are commonly used in mainstream beauty products.

Carina Organics’ shampoo & body wash and hair conditioner are available at selected Weave Living properties. 

Australian brand Ecology has created a range of stylish home and kitchen items made from fast-growing Acacia wood and durable recycled stainless steel. They set a new benchmark in eco-friendly and stylish living. You can find their spoons, whisks, peelers, can openers and brushes at selected Weave Living properties.

Since 1856, Italian company Sambonet has been producing home and kitchen utensils that are stylish and durable – exceptional products that highlight the beauty of everyday life.

At selected Weave Living properties, you’ll have the chance to cook using their superior frying pans and saucepans.

To learn more about sustainable living at Weave Living, click here.


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