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Weave on Anchor: An Exclusive Look

Weave on Anchor: An Exclusive Look

To celebrate our latest and greatest building to date opening, meet and hear from our first residents at Weave on Anchor on their impressions!



Solicitor | Chinese
Age: 25yrs old


First Impressions

I used to live in dorms but I’ve never tried a co-living place before and it’s a little bit like dorm, but of course it’s not and people are coming from a greater variety of cultural backgrounds who are more flexible and relaxed so I wanted to try out this place.

Actually I visited here last week on Friday or Saturday and my impression is that it’s really modern and fashionable. Very relaxing for young professionals and students, so it’s a really interesting place. It’s really nicely decorated and well renovated.


Final Thoughts

I found this place really good and a very good advance for people to make new friends, now if we are working or for people who start working it’s very rare to get new opportunities to meet new people. So I think co-living is a very good place to do so.



Weave on Anchor guest - Lisa


New to Hong Kong | German
Age: 31yrs old


First Impressions

I’ve been living at Weave on Boundary before and was sent an email from Weave stating I could win a staycation, so I took part and I’m really happy I won! I wanted to come because I thought it would be cool to get some good impressions about the new building.

I heard that it was a hotel before and that they converted it, I know the Weave style a little bit already.


Final Thoughts

The circuit training was definitely a lot of fun and the wine tasting, talking to people in the common area and chilling at the terrace.

I really like this place because it’s really spacious, it’s much bigger than Weave on Boundary and there’s a meeting room and gym, I definitely think it’s a great place that I really like. I’m really thinking about staying here instead, and the community team are really nice. The room was so nice, really big and the bed was perfect ­– I slept really well.



Weave on Anchor guest - Kris


Project Manager | American
Age: 37yrs old


First Impressions

So I used to live at a different co-living place, but was curious about Weave and I’ve never really experience what Weave was like, so I wanted to see what it’s like. The opportunity to have the staycation came up and thought it would be the perfect way to enjoy the city.

My initial thoughts were really great concept and really nice spaces but I was concerned that the age profile was a little bit lower so I was a little concerned but I saw that Weave on Anchor was part of the new Weave re-branding and I get the impression that they’re trying to make it appeal to a wider range of audiences.


Final Thoughts

My favourite moment of the event… I really liked the pizza making because actually I have to have a pizza every week and I usually go to Motorino or Pizza Project so it was really kinda nice that I get to make the pizza this time, that was really quite a cool thing.
I love the space, I think the staycation was a great event with a really great variety of different kinds of activities with different kinds of spacing between the activities. I really liked that it wasn’t too packed and it wasn’t too open so I felt like I always had something to do but I also had enough time to relax and rest. I also think it was really nice to interact with different people in the space and get a real space what living here might be like. Overall a very positive experience and very good impression of Weave.



Weave on Anchor guest - Johnny and Sophia

Johnny and Sophia

Speech Therapist & Social worker | Hong Kongers
Age: 26 & 27yrs old


First Impressions

Sophia: I will start staying in Weave starting on the 31/08, living in the Studio Luxe Room. Your leasing colleague, Yanli suggested me to join this Staycation event before I officially move in so as to see how it is to stay in Weave on Anchor and get to know my future neighbours.

I enjoy the flexibility that I can have and the value of Weave is the thing that makes us want to stay. I used to be an exchange student in Japan and stayed in a shared flat before, my flatmates are fine but it was very inconvenient to stay in a foreign place without knowing much of the cultural background and not to mention the language. I can understand how much extra pressure one has when they move to a new place like I was.

Johnny: Yes I agree and I enjoy having my own private space in my cosy room but I can still enjoy my shared co-living life by joining the events, there were no pressure that I skip the event after a long day at work, unlike my hall life in my uni-days, I was under the pressure that I have to join the event to prove that I am part of the community.


Final Thoughts

Sophia: Both of us think the wine tasting event is the most impressive one as we always just drink without knowing much about the wine.

Johnny: Yes, and I think it is amazing to have wine with newly met friends and such a big a spacious shared space. We are so excited to be the future residents here, while I will be a full-time student soon, I believe the Luxe Lounge and the mega big shared space here will be nice for me to focus on my homework.

Sophia: I enjoy this event and I am impressed by the friendliness of the Weave Team, you all are like new friend to us and I hope I can meet more people in our future stay!

Isaac Lau, Community Curator

Isaac Lau, Community Curator

Isaac Lau is an expert experience curator with a background of more than 5 years that has included all aspects of events management. Whether that’s behind the scenes as an organiser managing creative direction, liaising between designers, production and clients he’s also facilitating the present experience of attendees to match the client needs.