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Weave x LUÜNA naturals: ‘A NEW NORMAL’

Weave x LUÜNA naturals: ‘A NEW NORMAL’

In a truly gender-equal world, all spaces should have access to healthy period care.

From offices to schools and gyms, we are working with Asia’s most socially conscious brands to make this happen. We’re incredibly excited to collaborate with Weave Living to spread our message of making periods better; for our bodies, our planet, and those in need. This collaboration starts off with our sampling program where residents can choose from our super soft Organic Cotton Tampons or Pads delivered right to their doorstep.

Everyone deserves an honest period

At LUÜNA, we provide healthy and planet-friendly period care, host taboo-free menstrual health workshops to tackle deeply-embedded menstrual stigmas and period poverty, and have a socially driven business model where 10% of our profits support our LUÜNA period collective, and for every cup purchased, a cup is donated via our “You Buy, We Give” initiative. We are committed to fostering a socially conscious and honest approach to periods, inspiring ourselves and our commÜnity to choose period care that is kinder to our bodies and the planet.

Bring LUÜNA into your life

It’s 2020 yet a majority of people of periods have had a public leaking experience due to a lack of access to period care, be it at work, in schools or at public spaces.

We are excited to announce our partnership with Weave Living to provide toxin-free products that are better for our bodies and the planet via our sampling program.
Weave Living and LUÜNA naturals have aligned missions and we are excited to bring our diverse communities together.

Our Organic Cotton range use GOTS certified organic cotton. This material is grown without dangerous pesticides and is not treated with harmful chemicals, unlike traditional period care products that are usually filled with synthetics like rayon, viscose, and polyester - which should not be placed at the most absorbent part of our bodies.

With this collaboration, you are invited to join our commÜnity and together we can build a healthy and hassle-free period experience for you and your body!

Olivia Cotes-James, Founder & CEO LUÜNA naturals

Olivia Cotes-James, Founder & CEO LUÜNA naturals

Olivia was born in New Zealand and educated in the UK. At the age of 22, she moved to Hong Kong to explore the city where her mother was born and raised. In 2015, having grown frustrated by the limited access to tampons in Asia and the higher cost attached to these basic health & wellness products, she began research into the effects of menstrual stigma and held period health workshops with hundreds of people with periods, speaking to healthcare professionals and product designers. It was these experiences, that inspired her to establish a social impact company, championing menstruators and leading taboo-free education in Asia.