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Weave x Native Union: Redefining the Modern Lifestyle

Weave x Native Union: Redefining the Modern Lifestyle

When we were first approached for this collaboration, it was impossible not to see the parallels in our visions. While Weave Living redesigns the home for the global citizen, we at Native Union are reimagining the way we interact with tech in our digital-first modern lifestyles. Together at Weave and Native Union, we’re striving to make two of the most major aspects of our communities’ lives – home and tech – more seamless, hassle-free, and empowering.

Changing perceptions

At Native Union, we started off with a desire to change the perception that tech accessories have to be purely functional and uninspired in design. We’ve always believed that the future is digital, and the change is already more than apparent in all the ways we communicate and live with our devices day-to-day. And as much as we use our tech each day, we believe that something we all need to use on a daily basis deserves to look, feel, and work better for us.

Digital-first modern lifestyle

Weave x Native Union

There’s no doubt that tech is now an irreplaceable aspect of all our lives, and one of the most essential places we interact with this tech is in our homes. Weave’s vision of the reimagined home combines convenience, function, and design to create an inspiring environment for its residents to thrive. With this collaboration, we want to enhance this vision so people can take full advantage of what functional yet beautiful spaces and tech can enable.

The core of our minimalistic design lies in considered, intentional details that make tech more convenient for our community to use. Whether it’s a patterned silicone tread on a wireless charger to stop your phone from slipping around, or a weighted monkey knot on a cable that keeps it on your bedside table and off the floor, we craft simple yet beautiful solutions to everyday frustrations.

Refined design

Weave x Native Union

Beyond just a simple functional charger or power bank, our solutions place focus on a balance of both refined design and superior performance to make life more seamless while still retaining style. Beyond unobtrusive, we want our tech accessories to act as a sleek and sometimes bold design statement for the home. Playing with materials not often used in tech like genuine leather, canvas textile, marble, or wood, we aim to elevate tech accessories from pure utility to lifestyle essential.

Because when it comes to something that’s become so essential in our lives, why compromise?

The future

In a future of working with your neighbor and living in a community of like-minded people, tech becomes even more integral to our lives. With Weave, we’re redefining what the home and our tech devices can do to enhance our convenience, connection, and community.

Soyoung Park, Senior Manager - Content & Copy at Native Union

Soyoung Park, Senior Manager - Content & Copy at Native Union

Soyoung manages content and copy at Native Union, communicating our love for design and encouraging our community to live life on their own terms. With experience in the entertainment, fashion, and tech industries, she’s driven by a desire to give brands a unique voice in the market.