The monthly license fee is all-inclusive and includes the management fee, government rates, electricity, gas, water, air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, gym, regular housekeeping, and the use of all shared spaces.

Plastic bags are provided for the in-unit trash bins. For hygiene reasons, they will be disposed of along with the trash within.

For security reasons, we recommend that you keep personal appliances such as a kettles, blenders and rice cookers in your unit. Storing personal items in any shared space, including the kitchen area, is prohibited and they may be removed without prior notice.

Although everyone has a slightly different schedule, the busy periods are normally 7-9am, 11am-1pm, and 5-7pm.

Peak times vary but you can avoid waiting by checking the machine status on your Weave App.

Our detergent contains a disinfectant and is automatically loaded when the washing cycle begins.

Additional housekeeping costs SGD40-60 depending on the unit type. Cleaning is the same as your regular housekeeping. Please request additional housekeeping via the Weave App or the email address below at least 24 hours in advance so our Community Team can arrange.

Weave Suites – Midtown

Our housekeeping service includes removing your trash, wiping your desk, sweeping the floor, and cleaning the bathroom. Dishwashing is not included for units with their own kitchen/kitchenette. Linen will be changed fortnightly on housekeeping day and will only apply to the standard linen set provided in Weave Suites.

Feel free to use the shared spaces whenever you want. However, remember that they’re for everyone in the community so please don't stay too long if others are waiting to use the space.

Housekeeping takes place between 10am and 5pm. The day will depend on the arrangement and schedule. If you have a preference or request, please let the Community Team know in advance via the Weave App or the email address below.

Weave Suites – Midtown

We host a range of events that cater to different interests. Typically, these include wellness activities, cultural events, personal development workshops, and social gatherings. Visit the Events section of the Weave App for details on upcoming events.

If you have an in-unit washer/dryer, it's naturally free of charge though you will have to pay for your own detergent and fabric softener. Washers and dryers in the shared laundry room are both SGD8 per time. Each washer cycle is 30 mins; each dryer cycle is 40mins.

The gym is free of charge and open 24/7 – so you can stay fit and healthy!

All shared spaces, except meeting rooms at selected properties, are available for everyone on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve a meeting room, contact your property's Community Team via the Weave App or the email address below. Upon successfully making a reservation, you will be granted access at the allotted time.

Weave Suites – Midtown

Layouts for units can be found on our website. In-unit furniture is custom-made to maximise every square inch, but you can get an idea of size from the layouts. For exact dimensions of under-bed storage, wardrobe, cupboards and drawers, etc, please check with our Sales Team when you inquire or make a booking.

We supply pots, pans, plates, bowls, cutlery, glasses and mugs.

Our Wi-Fi speed is fast enough for normal browsing and video streaming. To ensure a stable connection and the best possible internet experience, we recommend you switch off the Wi-Fi on any smart devices not in use so our broadband can best deliver to those being used.

Yes, we have House Rules in place to ensure a comfortable and safe living environment for everyone.

Yes, but please don't get in the cleaner's way or it won’t be a thorough clean. If there's a specific time that you want us to avoid, please let the Community Team know in advance via the Weave App or email.

The gym is for residents use only. Visitors and personal trainers are not permitted.

While most events are free, some may have an at-cost fee that can be paid via the Weave App. Please click on the event details to find out if it is free.

It depends on whether your unit type is single or double occupancy. Under Singapore Hotel Licence regulations, only one key can be issued for a single-occupancy unit and two keys for a double-occupancy unit.

We will NOT accept mail, packages or parcels on behalf of residents at any time. Delivery people will be required to contact resident upon arrival for pickup at the main entrance. Weave will not be held responsible for any unattended items left at the main entrance or in open or shared areas.

For any plumbing, internet, window, or other issues, report it using the Weave App and we will arrange for maintenance. You can even describe the problem in detail through the app and upload a photo or video to help us better understand the problem. For urgent matters such as a leaking faucet or electrical outage, contact the Community Team/Security Team for immediate assistance.

When you move in, our Community Team will issue you with a key card that provides access to the main entrance, your unit, and shared facilities. Simply tap the card on the door lock to open.

You can contact our Community Team via the Weave App or the email address below. After verifying your identity, we will open your door as a temporary solution, then arrange to replace your lost key card or key between 11am and 8pm for a SGD30 fee per item. For security reasons, the lost card and/or key(s) will be deactivated.

Weave Suites – Midtown

We have great neighbourhood deals ranging from food & drinks to wellness offers. Check out the Benefits section on the Weave App to learn more.

To redeem your benefits, simply show them your Weave App (resident profile or QR code), or insert the promo code on the partner’s website when you check out. Please refer to the Weave App for details of redemption methods.

You're most welcome to bring family members and friends to your home – just be sure to accompany them in shared spaces and remember they're bound by our House Rules. As a resident, you are responsible for any misconduct by your visitor(s) during their stay including disciplinary actions or any fines considered appropriate by Weave Management. Under Singapore Hotel Licence Regulations, a single-occupancy room is for one person only and this must be strictly adhered to. Two people wanting to share must book a double-occupancy room.

We are not able to store residents’ belongings as we have no space and cannot be responsible for the safety of your property. Please visit the Benefits section of our Weave App for off-property offerings such as storage and delivery services.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on anything – from our various events to what we've done well or could do better. Simply leave a message on the Weave App or talk to a member of our Community Team between 11am and 8pm.

All our properties have a strict non-smoking policy including terraces and/or rooftops (if applicable). You can, of course, smoke outside the premises.

The majority of our homes come with windows that can be opened – so you can enjoy fresh air whenever you like.




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