Weave Living is sustainable living

Sustainability is about reducing one’s carbon and waste footprint by making practical changes and living in a more planet-friendly way.

At Weave Living, we aim to integrate ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) commitments into every aspect of our business operations. We’re constantly seeking new ways to reduce the environmental impact of our property operations, while ensuring that our residents can enjoy city living and that is both hassle-free and easy on the environment.

Partnering with SLOWOOD

Weave Living is joining hands with zerowaste grocer SLOWOOD to take sustainable living to the next level. Providing plastic-free and sustainable alternatives for your everyday life, SLOWOOD aims at supporting the community in the journey to green living.

Starting with our latest property at Weave Studios – Kai Tak, our residents can enjoy premium, eco-friendly bathroom products that have been specially curated by SLOWOOD. We will gradually roll this initiative out across all Weave Living’s Hong Kong properties.

More Sustainable

We’re switching to refillable bath gels, shampoos and even detergents and antibacterial cleaning agents – thereby eliminating disposable single-use plastic containers.

More Natural

These all-natural products are guaranteed free of artificial additives and potentially harmful chemicals. Good for both you and the environment.

More Responsible

All our new products are ‘sustainably made.’ This means we only work with sustainable suppliers where every part of their supply chain has been carefully vetted to ensure it meets international standards for sustainability. We also ensure they do not engage in unfair employment practices such as gender inequality, child labour, underpaying workers, unsafe working conditions, etc.

“This exclusive collaboration brings together two revolutionary brands with a shared commitment to the principles of sustainability and minimum waste, while providing residents with access to high-quality lifestyle wares that are good for the planet.”

Sachin Doshi, Founder and CEO of Weave Living

“Keeping things zerowaste and simple are the core values of SLOWOOD. We are excited to collaborate with Weave Living to introduce an array of our carefully sourced eco-alternative, curating a sustainable modern lifestyle that is kind to the planet.”

Ka Ping Chen, Co-Founder of SLOWOOD

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