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Looking for a New Study Space?

Looking for a New Study Space?

Here are 5 great reasons to pick Weave Living


It’s back to school and with all the remote learning going on it’s hard to find a quiet and comfortable Wi-Fi zone that’s not super noisy or eats away at your wallet. Luckily at Weave, we’ve got a few pro-tips to share about why you should move in with us!


Saving Money


No need to study remotely from cafes anymore! With a stable Wi-Fi connection all day every day, you won't need to keep buying coffee or tea to attend your ZOOM classes. Instead, save the money for something more important like treating yourself.


Built-in Community


Feeling lonely? Missing friends? With a community of neighbours already living around you, get your social quota filled without leaving your home.


Study Zones


With plenty of spacious areas to choose from, have a change of scenery if things get boring while working from the same desk every day. With heaps of space, you won't need to worry about keeping your family or housemates awake as you study!


Last but not least


Learning Osmosis


Study without the stress. With a diverse community around you – learn through others whether they're freelance, working professionals or other students. The knowledge is there, just soak it in.




With Wi-Fi, kitchen, study zones and community all rolled into one place, that's hassle-free city living while studying remotely.


Curious to try? Visit to find out more and follow us for more updates!

Anson Leung, Digital Marketing Manager

Anson Leung, Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing whiz, Anson has been working in the travel and accommodation industry for the last 5 years. She’s worked across Hong Kong, Scotland and Germany where she loves to understand her audience through A/B testing.