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Weave x Art: Shipshape

Weave x Art: Shipshape

Artist Name: TAKA

Name of art piece: Shipshape


Description of piece:

When I first talked to the Weave team, they mentioned the new building is on a street called ‘Anchor’. At that time, I knew that I’m going to paint something to do with ocean and created this piece thereafter in June 2020.


Who is TAKA and his style of work?

I am a Japanese artist currently based in Hong Kong.

In general, I care mostly about putting some emotions into my creations. I usually put some messages into my art but it’s not necessary that the audience feels the exact same message, It is up to what the person who saw my art feels. Someday I’d like people to feel something with just one line I paint.


Working with Weave: Weave on Anchor, Tai Kok Tsui mural project


Preparation stage

Where did you first find inspiration and what elements went into preparation for your Instagrammable Weave piece?

For this particular wall, colours are one of the most important elements, I wanted to have the exact same colours as I designed. So I went to eicó paint to choose colours very carefully and I even created my own colour called 'TAKA blue'. It is still available at eicó paint now for you to buy and use!


Challenges and Learning: During the Creation

This piece is all about balance and colours, if one element was off or wrong, the whole thing wouldn’t work. Everything had to be exactly the same as I designed. So I frequently had to make sure everything was correct.



My highlight for the project was definitely the very end when I finished. I took extra care of this wall so it was great to see the finished piece.

It was also great and easy to work with the Weave team. Hope to carry on working together. For others who would like to also start making art, my one piece of advice is to not listen to others.


Last but not least – favourite colour and why?

Definitely blue shades. I have no idea why but as long as I can remember, I love blues entire my life so far.


To see more of TAKA's work, check out the following links:





I am a Japan born artist based in Hong Kong. Born and raised in Japan, I established a love of Japanese traditional and contemporary art. I'm a Secret Walls x Hong Kong series 4 finalist, and Asia finalist winner of the Hong Kong Vans Asia Custom Culture competition 2017. Find me at Hong Kong's annual street art festival called HKWalls, world wide graffiti festival Meeting of Styles in Manila, Philippines and Europe’s biggest street art festival called Upfest in Bristol, UK. My art is influenced by snowboarding, tattoo and street art culture.