It’s easy to lose yourself living life constantly on the go in a vibrant concrete jungle such as Hong Kong. We tend to overlook the simple things of everyday life that sparks little moments of joy or provide that relief after a long day. Surrounding ourselves with these moments are especially difficult with life during such turbulent times like COVID-19. As a company reimagining the home of the future, we’re constantly striving to create and share inspiring experiences with the diverse community living with us. Whether that’s through events and activities or just merely a home environment, we’ve challenged ourselves on how we can do this better, so what did we do?

We’ve decided to enrich our living experience by officially partnering with Rituals, an expert company at finding happiness in little moments. By surrounding our residents with details such as the ancient smell of calm that Jasmine offers for example, is a simple yet powerful action with profound effects on daily health and wellbeing. The careful placement of a diffuser or scented candle with a delicate aroma wafting through the room are all little touches we pride ourselves when curating our design-forward spaces.

Inside our bedrooms, these details can be found whether it’s a surprise carefully selected inside a waiting welcome kit, or a birthday giftbox for a current resident. The consideration to go the extra mile with these gifts are an equally powerful way to imbue positive tranquillity in everyday life. We’ve reimagined home with these simple touches to curate an inspiring space to help our residents live their best life. Our partnership with Rituals has allowed us to enrich that touch of care that we’re always striving to enhance. Together, Weave and Rituals work in harmony creating inspiring spaces filled with joyful and calming moments ready to be discovered.

These accents and details along with the constant support from our community team and ambassadors as well as our events and workshops coalesce into an unparalled stress-free experience. We ensure that our residents can feel the sense of our values -- comfort, convenience and community imbued in our reimagined home, especially in terms of health and wellbeing. Living a happy and healthy life begins with the living environment we surround ourselves with and not just through healthy habits. Our mission to provide hassle-free city living, means that we want to take care of our residents so they can just live. We’re constantly learning, adapting and growing to the needs of not only today, but also tomorrow. This is exemplified by the partnerships we form, all to deliver the best living experience for our residents. With a bright future ahead of us and a fast-moving expansion to Asia and then the rest of the world, we’re excited about how we can elevate our partnerships to constantly enhance our living experiences for our residents.


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