There are some enticing hotel deals appearing across Hong Kong and the world right now. Without any travel, there are no tourists and the suite life might seem like a cheap alternative to renting. As appealing as living in a hotel may be, there are more than a few annoying features we think you need to know about before you confirm your booking! ead on to find what difficulties you'll experience and if there's an alternative...

Love room service & take-away until…

From a standard apartment to hotel life, you probably used to have a tiny kitchen and now downgraded to no kitchen…

All your meals will consist of either expensive room service or take-away. That’s great for the first week or the first month, but then you’ll start craving for real food made fresh, the joy of cooking with friends and sharing recipes. Wouldn’t it be nice if your food doesn’t come cold, with missing items or from the same limited dining menu! Sometimes you need a kitchen to make something quick to easily put together or home made for those comfortable feel-good vibes that warm your heart.

Forget fresh air & warm sunny rays

Most times you’re not able to choose where your room is located, it’s the choice of the check-in staff. A free upgrade is great but almost never happens! Don’t forget that nearly all hotel rooms come with locked windows so say goodbye to fresh air and hello to recycled cold air conditioning day-in day-out. In addition, usually you only have access to your room and a windowless hotel café or restaurant. There’s almost nowhere to curl up and relax under some warm sunny rays, in a cosy living room or lounge to relax with a cup of tea in your PJs.

Limited corners of relaxation

When one thinks of hotels, one dreams of margaritas by the pool, or a relaxing foot massage in a hotel spa...but unless you’re renting for a long stay in a 5-star hotel, you’ll be hard-pressed to find any of these in an affordable hotel in Hong Kong. You’ll only have access to your personal room to stay and that’s about it. Sometimes all you want is a change of scenery but it doesn’t come easy. You dreamt of a Ferrari, but you found yourself on a minibus.

Where’s the added value?

With so many people living under one roof, wouldn’t it be great to have a friend or two? Perhaps some events to meet your fellow guests? Usually hotel living is quite isolated and unless you’re staying with a partner or a friend — you’re rather quite alone. You might be able to get friendly with the staff, but do they ever really become your friend?

What else is out there if not a hotel then?

We’d like to introduce to you another way, a cross between a serviced apartment, hotel and cosy home that’s more affordable than either option!

Too good to be true? Not really.

At Weave Living, we’ve thought long and hard about what makes a great home. That’s why we’ve redefined home to bring you city living with the same convenience as a hotel, but better.

Move into your very own room, but with everything you’ll need and more included directly into the price.

The room

We’ve made sure each room comes with windows that open so you always have access to fresh air and if you’re hot or cold, there’s also an air conditioner built-in. Hotels might give you some closet space, but we’ve designed our rooms efficiently to maximise storage and hide-away your things. You’ll get weekly cleaning with all utility and Wi-Fi included into the room price at no extra charge.

And the more…

You’ll have access to a fully-equipped kitchen and gym to use freely. Some of our homes also include a spin or yoga studio if the gym isn’t for you. There’s also plenty of space to relax and hang out whether that’s our lounge, rooftop/terrace or living room; each of our spaces also capture the sun throughout the day for warm sunny rays. Our home is a community, that’s why we’ve designed events and workshops to keep you entertained and meet your neighbour. If you need any help or assistance, we always have a team on-site to help with anything and everything.

So before you book that hotel, why not consider living at Weave?


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