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Weave got you covered

Weave got you covered

While co-living as a concept has only truly emerged over the last couple of years, the need for such a shared, convenient and technology-enabled living is not new. Qualitatively, co-living is a lifestyle that combines the familiarity of a close-knit community with a branded accommodation solution that takes away the hassles of dealing with many inconveniences that accompany renting.


I recall when I moved to Hong Kong several years ago, like many other young people in the city, I wanted to live in the middle of the action without paying huge rent and found myself in a small studio apartment in town in a high rise building. As a young professional starting out in my career, I used to work long hours with little time (or interest) to deal with chores and often used to forget paying overdue bills, or changing broken light bulbs or getting the A/C fixed. Back then I used to think, “wouldn’t it be great if there was centralised building management where I could have these issues resolved with the press of a button so that I didn’t spend my weekends dealing with these nuisances?”


One of the most unpleasant experiences was when during my first typhoon season in HK, the window of the apartment flew off due to dodgy maintenance and upkeep by the landlord (fortunately no one was hurt!). My landlord, while sympathetic, needed “a few days” to have someone come and fix the window and suggested I stick a cardboard sheet to the window in the interim. Imagine being on the 31st floor without a window in the middle of typhoon season! So I had to get it fixed myself.


At Weave, our community team will never hang you out to dry (or in my case hang you out to get wet in your own home), we provide regular housekeeping and centralised maintenance services so you can breathe easy, and our all-inclusive rents mean you will never forget to pay your electricity bills! All this while you immerse yourself into your career and enjoying life. 


It’s hassle-free city living in every sense!



Sachin Doshi, Founder & CEO, Weave Living

Sachin Doshi, Founder & CEO

Sachin Doshi, Founder & CEO

Sachin is a global citizen having lived in India, Australia, and Hong Kong. As Urban Land Institute’s 40-under-40 most influential people in global real estate and urban land use industries (2016), he's been in the real estate industry for 17 years working for international institutions like APG, Merrill Lynch, and Citi across Asia Pacific.