Understand today needs to meet tomorrow’s desire.”, is Fumio Takashima’s (CEO and founder) vision for Francfranc. To cultivate this vision into today’s world, Francfranc delivers a mixture of traditional and modern Japanese furniture. With over 6,000 products, Franfranc continously strives to supply stylish and colorful products into our daily lives.

Bringing a sense of ritual to your work from home life!

Francfranc believes that we should not give up our sense of ritual even when we are staying at home. Together with Weave, we incorporate Francfranc’s furniture in various parts of their homes. We share the values of curating a living environment that instantly feels like home. By using furniture from Francfranc, creating a sense of comfort and consolation at home easily enhances work efficiency and creativity. What better reasons are there to embrace a space that’s filled with serenity and pleasantness?

Decorate your “work from home” station!

At Weave, the shared spaces are designed with studying and working in mind. For a city that’s known for the hustle and bustle, finding a quiet and comfortable location with Wi-Fi is a challenge. Whether it’s outdoor or indoor, Weave understands the importance of comfort and convenience. Whether it’s using Francfranc’s furniture such as a memory foam seat cushion for everyday use or colourful storage unit that’ll brighten up the environment, we believe that it’s essential to have an inviting workspace, while integrating the comfort of a home.

View our work from home ideas: https://bit.ly/3i6fjVF

Bring the magic to your resting area!

Of course, the bedroom is a place where you spend the most time. It’s where you spend time relaxing and refreshing. Our minimalistic approach to design allows our spaces to be aesthetically pleasing, as well as practical. The FARMO Rug Mat (in white, pastel pink or stylish grey) is not only comfortable and soft, but also multi-functional! It captures the idea that both Francfranc and Weave share, we believe that your home should be “elegant, vibrant and premium” all at the same time.

View our wide range of rugs: https://bit.ly/38BpzCa

View our warm series : https://bit.ly/3oDyHM0

Together with Weave, we heavily value the importance of making each space stylish, yet comfortable. Our best-selling Lotus Chairs on the roof of Weave Studios – Prince Edward, Weave Studios – Hung Hom and Weave Studios – Olympic are the perfect example, so residents can relax in a refined way.

Visit the Francfranc website at https://hk.francfranc.net/ and get your most wanted accessories now with Winter Celebration Sale!


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