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Behind the Scenes at Weave with Sheldon

Behind the Scenes at Weave with Sheldon

It’s more than just magic in the background that helps our Weave Homes withstand the test of time. Thanks to our well-oiled facility management team we’re able to ensure everyone is comfortable, safe and happy.

In our homes, our air conditioning is always running, no leaks are dripping (keeping you awake at night), our lights are always glowing and if there is a problem, there’s always someone there to help. With our Weave App, once an issue is logged we’re able to handle everything at no extra cost without a middle man involved.

What is Facilities Management (FM)?

FM is a mixture of services — it’s the overall management of a building related to ensuring a safe, smooth, and beautiful place to live, all day every day. The perfect building should have smooth operations, look beautiful while delivering amazing customer service, and, if possible, green and sustainable too!

At least at Weave, we collaborate primarily with both our community and experience team ensuring that not only the building is running in tip-top shape but also our residents are being cared for and have their needs met. Together we’re always sharing new ideas on how we can improve our services to deliver the best experiences together.

At the beginning we focused on a relatively new concept on the market. Through our learning we've expanded to purely just “living” shaped by what we believe is the best way to live. It’s the strength of the services we offer and the experience we deliver that help us stay ahead of the market.

What does it take to run a Weave Home?

At Weave Living, we own our buildings and reposition old hotels or serviced apartments, and entire residential blocks. We count their assets and figure out what’s the best way to renovate while ensuring we maintain our design-forward standards. Because we’re in it for the long run, we also ensure that our buildings are perfectly renovated to facilitate future maintenance of the property.

While our purchased hotels are given a facelift, we work closely with the Operations team to create team procedures to ensure we maintain smooth operations from day one before we even open our buildings to residents. Once we do open though, we then need to dress up the building for photoshoots, viewings, events, and more.

How do we make the magic happen?

It takes a lot of manpower to handle the full scope of FM work needed, luckily we’ve come up with a smart sourcing solution to solve this problem. We’ve struck a balance between outsourcing some of the work to complement our in-house staff through an alternative company.
To build a Weave Home takes a whole team of contractors, builders, service cleaners, and repairmen to get it up and running. We aren’t able to hire one man for each job ourselves and so by outsourcing a majority of the work, it has helped us adapt flexibly to all our needs providing critical daily support.

Looking ahead

At just three years old, we’re still learning and growing. With a US Green Building Council qualification under my belt, I hope to incorporate more sustainable and green materials in the future development of our homes. By making the Weave portfolio more green (whether that’s green roofs, solar panels, or green walls), and maintaining our exceptional standards, we hope to share our FM standards to the public in and outside of Hong Kong.

I believe both co-living and Weave Living have great potential not just in Hong Kong but also the world. I’d like everyone to know about it and I think we can do it.

Favourite Weave Home

Weave on Anchor has got to be the star because it absolutely has the same standard as a high-end hotel amazing facilities. It’s even better than a hotel because we have soft services like community and experiences whereas hotels follow static procedures. Meanwhile, over at Weave Living and all our buildings including Weave on Baker and Weave on Boundary, we’re more human and dynamic. This is our selling point.

Sheldon Lee, Facilities Manager

Sheldon Lee, Facilities Manager

Mr. Sheldon Lee has a 20 year long career in property/facility management and maintenance. Participating in projects varying from private and government sectors he has served both clients and business partners from Hong Kong, China and overseas. From MEP, building minor works operations, and maintenance with related licenses, he also has a solid background in addition & alternation (A&A) project coordination, facilities handover, pre-management and defect checking coordination. Recently, he's had the opportunity to handle overall portfolio facilities management.